How Tos


Signing Up/Register/Login
• You can easily sign up using the social logins on the homepage. Or
• Register by signing up manually with the signup button.

You can attach files such as images, videos, audio, documents, etc in your posts.

Uploading a file
Click on any of the icons at the top of your feed depending on what you intend to upload.

Selling on Poshnaija
You can sell anything and everything (visit our terms for more information) on Let your customers find you with beautiful business profile.

Upgrade your account/membership
You can upgrade your membership to have access to even more features and popularity that you desire. Upgraded membership allows you to use features like Put Me Here, Promote pages, groups, boost posts, promote products, promote your business in strategic placements on the platform

Updating your profile/information
You can easily update your profile and other stuffs in setting. Just follow the screen and get everything done in no time from General updates, Profile, Privacy, Password, Social links, Avatar and Cover photo, Design, Block users, Email notification settings, to your affiliates.

Inviting friends
It is easy to invite your friends from other social media platforms via email notification, referral/affiliate link and social share.
• Email invitation: scroll down your news feed and enter email address in the ‘invite a friend’ field.
• Affiliate link/URL: copy your affiliate URL from setting, and paste the URL wherever you want.
• Social share: you can add up your social links in setting. After adding, share your posts using the share icon below your post to share on your favorite social media platform.

Trending Hashtags:
won’t it be lovely to discover that your hashtag is trending? Use your hashtag regularly with all of your posts not only to be trending but also to have all your posts in one place, organized.

Creating an album:
easily create an album of your beautiful photos. Go to setting, and create an album under Album.

Advance search option:
quickly use the advance search option to find people, places, groups, pages, hashtags, etc.

Background image:

you can set a background image for your newsfeed or wall area. Customize your wall in a simple way.
Who can see your post?
You can determine who sees your posts and activities: select this in the option below your posts (they are as follows: Only Me, Everyone, People I Follow, People Who Follow Me).